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How Is A Cabin Rental Better Than A Hotel Stay?

When you are planning a vacation, narrowing down the hotel for your stay can be a challenging endeavor. You want the best room you can find for the best price. There are some nice hotels out there, but no matter which you choose, privacy and space will be limited.

Have you considered a cabin rental?

There are several reasons for choosing a cabin over a hotel stay for your long-awaited vacation. Here are five of the best reasons to want a cabin rental over a hotel room.

1. A cabin rental is more peaceful than a room. When you stay at a hotel, you can sacrifice the solitude you crave when you end a day of fun activities and socializing. You will need to leave your room or contact room service when you are hungry or in need of other services. Fellow guests may be disruptive and loud.

When you rent a cabin, you have all the conveniences of a hotel without the inconvenience of privacy invasion and extra stress. A cabin offers a quiet oasis away from the hustle and bustle of traffic and city noise. You and your family and friends can sit back and enjoy the solitude and each other while surrounded by nature, whether you are in the mountains, the forest, or by a lake.

2. When you rent a cabin, your surroundings will be much different than those at most hotels. Instead of city and city lights, you will enjoy nature, the starry sky, and beautiful views. What can compare to a stay in the mountains? Fresh air and natural beauty can feel so much better than stale air and city streets.

You can enjoy the sound of singing birds and wind in the trees while hiking or relaxing outside your rental.

3. A cabin rental has much more space than a hotel, and you can choose a cabin size to accommodate as few as one or as many as several dozen. Cabins are perfect for family reunions, weddings, and special retreats. Finding all the rooms and suites, you may need at a hotel can be difficult, let alone pricey. Unlike a hotel room, cabins are for more than just sleeping. Hotels can offer restaurants, bars, and public pools. However, you will have to share all of them with other guests and this limits space even more.

4. There are more choices in types of rentals when you choose a cabin. Cabins in the spectacular setting of the mountains have many different sizes and choices in amenities. You can choose a small secluded cabin, a couple’s getaway, luxury, and outdoor amenities like a lake or hot tub. If you are vacationing with a large group of people, the options are even better. Sharing a large cabin or cabins can be less expensive than renting several rooms and suites.

Our cabins have kitchens. This means you have a choice between making meals, eating out, or ordering in. With a cabin rental, you may choose to do all of the above at various times during your stay.

5. If you wish to bring one or more pets, there are even fewer choices when it comes to hotels. We offer the choice of pet-friendly cabins where you and your pets can enjoy your vacation together. This takes away the pain involved in finding a pet sitter and leaving your pet behind or giving up other hotel amenities for a pet-friendly hotel. A pet-friendly cabin in the mountains is the perfect space for pets to roam around without bothering others or causing undo complaints.

Pets are family, too. They will love staying with you in one of our resort cabins.

Aside from the above five reasons for choosing a vacation cabin, there is the ultimate reason for choosing a cabin rental over a hotel: the experience.

Spend your days shopping and going to events and then end with relaxing seclusion. Take a day to go hiking, boating, swimming, or fishing and return to your place of solitude. Spend a day or more just relaxing inside and outside your very own cabin. A cabin rental lets you choose when and how you socialize.

Hotel rooms have their pluses, but if you are looking for real relaxation and gorgeous views, you cannot beat a cabin stay.

The mountains are the perfect place to stay, and one of our cabins can make the experience even better. If you are wading through hotel reviews and reservations, your time may be better spent researching and comparing a cabin rental.

This is your time to have fun and relax. A cabin with views of the mountains is the perfect place to do both of those while enjoying your time with a significant other, family, and friends.

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