DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions For Your Home

Stains are common, and a carpet stain requires a lot of effort. There is a variety of carpet cleaner available on the market, but some people prefer to avoid the chemicals and rather go the path of DIY. A lot of information is now available on the internet which can assist in making the entire process of carpet cleaning a lot easier. Carpet stain looks really bad and if a guest is invited, removing the stains becomes a must.

A clean house gives positive vibes, and if that house is carpeted, carpet cleaner becomes a must have. There are, however, various tips and techniques which can be followed using the ingredients available in the home and can play a huge role during the emergency when a guest is coming over, and there are no chemicals available to clean the stains from the carpet.

Club Soda For Accidental Spills

Who knew that club soda could be so useful. If someone accidentally spills juice or anything like that on the carpet, club soda can be used to clean the spill. However, the stain has to be cleaned right there and then as this inexpensive stain remover works best for the fresh stains.

A solution of Vinegar & Dish Washing Detergent

Make a solution of vinegar and dishwashing detergent to remove the stains from the carpet. This carpet cleaner solution can work on any carpets whether they are made of natural fibers or are composed of the synthetic fibers.

A Solution With Baking Soda

Mix baking soda, warm water, vinegar and dishwashing liquid. This resulting solution is a tough carpet cleaner and can be used for the tough stains on the carpet. A spray bottle can be a lot handy for this mixture to clean the tough carpet stain.

A Solution To Deodorize & Remove Stains Using Essential Oils

Scented essential oils like lavender mixed with white vinegar and salt can assist not only in removing the carpet stain but also deodorize.

Apart from all these, cornstarch can also be used to remove the different carpet stains and also the ice cubes and meat tenderizer. An interesting fact is that shaving cream can also be used for the very same purpose.

Pet Stains

People having pets in their house have to deal with a variety of situations and stains. The pet stains are common and also the associated odor which should be removed to maintain cleanliness inside the house.

The pet stains or any carpet stain can be removed with the help of lemon, baking soda, natural soap, and vinegar. Any the organic detergent can also be used. So, if a mess is created by the pets, it’s no longer a problem as the tough stains can be removed with the help of these ingredients which are easily available at anyone’s home.

Precautions To Consider

Following are some of the precautions which should be considered before applying the above-mentioned products and ingredients:

-Before applying any solution or mixture, make sure to do a small test. Select any corner of the carpet and do a rough patch test to see if there is any fading or damage to the area. If there is damage, then that specific method should be discouraged.
-The carpet should be cleaned in blotting motion rather than rubbing it roughly.
-To remove a stain, the outer corners should be considered first so that the stain does not increase in size. Once the outer portion is taken care of, the inner portion should be cleaned in blotting motion. The excess moisture should also be removed.
-Avoid any spills. Reserve an area in the house for eating rather than taking the food and juices in the entire house. The area where people usually eat, for example, dining room, the tables there should have a plastic mat underneath.
-Encourage people to remove their shoes when they enter the house and place doormats on the entrances and exits so that people can wipe their feet.
-Keep nail polish and other makeup products in the area comprising no carpeting at all.
-Keep arts, crafts, supplies, and markers, etc. out of the reach of children and let them play at a specific time in a specific area.
-The pets should be trained with supervision, and their paws should be very clean.
If, after all these measures, the carpet stains are not removed then maybe it is time to call the professional carpet cleaners and experts and let them handle the situation.

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